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    For over 120 years, Thomson has made revolutionary contributions to the world of technology and entertainment. As technology continues to rapidly advance, the Thomson brand remains at the fore-front of providing superior products and services for customers.

    The Thomson–Houston Electric Company was founded by Elihu Thomson on December 31, 1892 in New York. A French subsidiary was incorporated in Paris a few months later, on February 27, 1893 as Compagnie Française pour l’Exploitation des Procédés Thomson-Houston (CFTH), later known as Thomson around the world.


    ViewSonic is a worldwide leader in visual display products
    for today's business, consumer electronics, education and professional markets.

    The company offers a complete line of innovative projectors and visual devices that are all designed to make the
    customer's visual experience easier and more enjoyable.


    It’s finally here!

    The New WALL series by Vogel’s has arrived and in stock.

    Watch the big game on the big screen in your living room and give everyone the best seat in the house. Or screen a new movie with friends in your home cinema and give everyone a great view. Put your LED/LCD/Plasma TV around a corner or next to your bed and watch your favorite show in luxury.


    Main features of WALL series:

    • For LED/LCD/Plasma TV’s
    • Easy guidance of your cables
    • Generally used for living room, home cinema and bedroom
    • Guarantee: Life time

    EMP-Centauri Ltd. is one of the largest European producers of multi-switches, coaxial switches and related accessories for reception and distribution of satellite TV signals. Their highly skilled development staff builds on more than a ten year tradition of being the satellite business. Due to the unique technology and design of their products our customers enjoy quality reception for reasonable price.


    EMP-Centauri products are manufactured from the latest components on the state-of-the-art SMD automatic production line and their company processes are ISO 9001 certified.


    MS Electronics will be distributing the EMP product in Cyprus. We are currently introducing the Economy Class line of products. Economy Class is designed for the standard demands, suitable for most applications. These products have a standard two-year warranty.


    Main features of Economy Class:

    • Active terrestrial input
    • Support for Quad LNB
    • Integrated power supply
    • Low loss, High isolation
    • Temperature range from -25c to +65c
    • 2 Years warranty
    • UK power supply

    MS Electronics will participate in the 2011 Idaniki Katoikia Exhibition. For the 6th year we wil be attending as part of the Home Entertainment and Leisure Show.


    MS Electronics booth will use 120 sq.metres of space and will include a preview of many of the latest products and solutions the company has to offer to the Cyprus market.


    New products on display will include:


    - Noontec Android TV and Multi room media player system

    - Artsound ART5.4 and ART8.8 updated and improved Multirom audio system

    - New WALL and THIN series of supports from Vogels

    - Mini speakers with great sound from Canton

    - Itgate new linux receiver

    - Solutions for the new Digital TV era from FTE Maximal

    - Home Cinema projection from Sanyo


    and many more....


    We warmly welcome all visitors to our booth!!


    In response to the development of intelligent integration, Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC emerges as the times require. This is the first super entertainment terminal that adopts ARM Cortex-A8 1.2GHz CPU and the latest Android2.3 operating system, allowing the common TV users to enjoy the functions of intelligent TV, such as internet surfing, microblogging,, as well as Angry Birds. 

    Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC is the first home entertainment PC that adopts Android 2.3 system in the world. When it is connected to common TV, you can not only watch programs, but also play games. It has higher audio quality and image quality, and provides as many as 500 thousand applications for the user.

    The applications such as Tencent QQ, microblogging, internet search and games, and the classical games for smart phones such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies, have been moved to large panel TV, which will provide superior visual impact. It also enables playing the programs of all video sites online, so that you can watch TV while chatting, reading and creating microblogging. Isn’t it fantastic?

    Noontec A9 Entertainment Cube

    Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC

    Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC adopts the design philosophy of Apple Inc., and is equipped with bright black UV+ edge. The most noteworthy parts of Noontec A9 are the operating system and applications, top 1.2GHZ processor, 512MB DDR3 RAM and 2GB FLASH, the latest Android 2.3 operating system, built-in discrete GPU of 7 megapixel fill rate; more than 500 thousand applications, including 100 thousand games, 80 thousand entertainment applications and 50 thousand tools, meeting the demands of different users.

    Noontec A9 integrates 100MB network interface and WIFI, supports WEP and WAP encryption modes, and allows operation in different network environments. It also integrates Google browser, and you can also install other Android browser as you like to browse the web and watch online video. In addition to PC and mobile phone, you can also surf the internet with Noontec A9. The powerful performance of the device allows opening web in three seconds; it integrates abundant A/V output interfaces, including HDMI, optical fiber, CVBS, USB HOST, network interface and card reader interface; it also has super 1080P decoding capability, and easily decodes different video media such as MPEG-1/2/4, H.263, H.264, XVID, DivX, WMV, MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV 3GP, MPG, VOB, RMVB/RM; it also supports mobile hard disk, USB disk, and SD card PNP.

    Noontec A9

    Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC

    Noontec Cube A9 android entertainment PC brings common TV users more abundant applications: internet surfing, online video, game and chat, education, tutorship, flight and stock information, etc. It turns a common TV into an intelligent TV. You can not only watch, but also play ; with leading Android operating system, Noontec A9 enables common TV to download and install thousands of software, chat with QQ, play games, read news, search and most functions of PC, achieving a good human-computer interaction.